About Women and PrEP

Sophia Forum

Sophia Forum promotes and advocates for the rights, health, welfare and dignity of women living with HIV through research, raising awareness and influencing policy.
We do this through:

  • Bringing together information and research on the issues affecting women living with HIV
  • Creating partnerships with organisations and individuals delivering services
  • Building relationships with policy makers.

We make sure that women living with HIV are meaningfully involved in all our work and a significant number of our Trustees are women living with HIV.
HIV prevention
In addition to our work to protect and promote the rights of women living with HIV, Sophia Forum also works on access to HIV prevention. We campaign for equal access to effective HIV prevention for women vulnerable to HIV acquisition. Our work on prevention is shaped by Prevention Principles, to uphold effective and equitable prevention for all:

  • No individual means of prevention should be considered in isolation, but as part of a comprehensive package of prevention
  • Preference should be given to education/ programmes/ interventions that are: evidence-based; least burdensome; accessible to all; equitable to all; monitored for impact with data disaggregated by gender, sex, age and other factors.
  • Any decision-making on access, availability and programmes should have meaningful involvement of all communities that might benefit (including women).

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CliniQ LogoAre are a team of friendly and open health & well-being professionals and trans community members, who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of trans* people, their partners and friends.

Our aim is to offer a queer inclusive and non-judgemental sexual health and well-being service to trans* clients, members of the trans community, their friends and families. A service which enhances clients’ physical and mental health, respects clients’ differing lifestyles, way of presenting and chosen pronouns, and a service which supports and empowers clients in their journey through life.

cliniQ is an award-winning partnership project between the trans communities, 56 Dean Street & The Chelsea & Westminister Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London Friend and range of other trans* aware voluntary sector organisations.