Accessing PrEP in England


PrEP is not yet generally available on the NHS in England, but there is a trial, called IMPACT, which is giving access to PrEP to some people. You might be eligible to take part if you have a partner who is living with HIV and is not virally suppressed, or if you are clinically assessed by a health worker and determined to have similar high risk.

Although IMPACT is a trial, it is not testing PrEP to see if it is effective. We already know that it works. Instead, the trial is assessing how much PrEP will cost to implement, and how it can best be made available. If you join IMPACT, you will get access to PrEP for the full trial (up to three years from October 2017). No one will get a placebo, everyone will be given real PrEP and be supported to take it effectively.

You can find out more about IMPACT at the trial website
For updates on the trial from leading PrEP advocates, check out:

Accessing PrEP in the rest of the UK

PrEP is available in Scotland, through sexual health clinics, to anyone resident in Scotland who is clinically assessed as being eligible for it. You can find out more at

PrEPARED Wales is a national PrEP project, making PrEP available to anyone who is resident in Wales and who is eligible. You can find out more about it at:

Northern Ireland
Currently PrEP is not available in Northern Ireland.